Friday, August 11th, 2006
The Badass 100
2006 revised edition

WELCOME to the 2006 revised edition of the BADASS 100 LIST. The original Badass 100 was created in the late ’90s as a response to the AFI’s list of the supposed greatest movies of all time. In the summer of 2006, the informal World Badass Committee re-formed to vote again and create an even more powerful list of the greatest Badass pictures in Cinema so far.

The revised list was voted on by 43 volunteer Badass Cinema scholars from 11 countries. Scroll down to the bottom to see a list of participants and links to further statistics and discussion.

LEGEND: TITLES IN BOLD are new to the revised list. The name in parentheses is the Badass Auteur or lead badass of the picture. The number immediately following the “=” is the average Badass rating between 1 and 10. The last number is the amount of World Badass Committe voters who rated that movie.

  1. The MAN WITH NO NAME trilogy (Clint) = 9.4272727 out of 33

    • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (ensemble) = 9.185 out of 40
    • For a Few Dollars More (Clint) = 8.7764706 out of 34
    • A Fistful of Dollars (Clint) = 8.5685714 out of 35 (Review)
  2. The LONE WOLF AND CUB series (Tomisaburo Wakayama) = 9.24 out of 15

    • Sword of Vengeance
    • Baby Cart at the River Styx
    • Baby Cart to Hades
    • Baby Cart in Peril (Kinya Kitaoji) = 8.5416667 out of 12
    • Baby Cart in the Land of Demons
    • White Heaven in Hell
  3. YOJIMBO (Toshiro Mifune) = 9.1333333 out of 30 (Review)
  4. UNFORGIVEN (Clint) = 9.01375 out of 40 (Review)
  5. DIE HARD (Bruce) = 8.9717391 out of 46 (Review)
  6. 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN aka SHAOLIN MASTER KILLER (Gordon Liu) = 8.9642857 out of 14 (Review)
  7. SEVEN SAMURAI (ensemble) = 8.8909091 out of 33
  8. SANJURO (Toshiro Mifune) = 8.852381 out of 21
  9. RED RIVER (John Wayne) = 8.85 out of 10
  10. HARD BOILED (Chow Yun Fat) = 8.8407895 out of 38 (Review)
  11. THE WILD BUNCH (ensemble) = 8.8241935 out of 31
  12. THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES (Clint) = 8.8217391 out of 23
  13. MAD MAX 2 aka THE ROAD WARRIOR (Mel Gibson) = 8.7717949 out of 39 (related rating: Mad Max trilogy (Mel Gibson) = 7.8171429 out of 35 (Review)
  14. ENTER THE DRAGON (Bruce) = 8.7647059 out of 34 (Review)
  15. POINT BLANK (Lee Marvin) = 8.76 out of 25 (Review)
  16. BRANDED TO KILL (Jo Shishido) = 8.7272727 out of 11
  17. THE LIMEY (Terence Stamp) = 8.7057143 out of 35
  18. DIRTY HARRY (Clint) = 8.6628571 out of 35 (Review)
  19. CHOPPER (Eric Bana) = 8.652 out of 25 (Review)
  20. OUT OF THE PAST (Robert Mitchum) = 8.5833333 out of 12
  21. THE KILLER (Chow Yun Fat) = 8.516129 out of 31
  22. LE SAMOURAI (Alain Delon) = 8.5 out of 14
  23. THE STREET FIGHTER (Sonny Chiba) = 8.4294118 out of 17 (Review)
  24. RIO BRAVO (John Wayne) = 8.4264706 out of 17 (Review)
  25. ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (ensemble) = 8.4230769 out of 26
  26. HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (Clint Eastwood) = 8.4111111 out of 18
  27. WHERE EAGLES DARE (Clint motherfucking Eastwood) = 8.4 out of 10
  28. HANA-BI aka FIREWORKS (Takeshi Kitano) = 8.375 out of 16
  29. THE DIRTY DOZEN (ensemble) = 8.3608696 out of 23
  30. WHITE HEAT (James Cagney) = 8.3571429 out of 14
  31. KILL BILL VOLUMES 1-2 (ensemble) = 8.3256098 out of 41
    • Kill Bill Volume 1 = 8.3732558 out of 43
    • Kill Bill Volume 2 = 7.8476744 out of 43 (Review)
  32. GET CARTER (Michael Caine) = 8.25 out of 23
  33. TIE: FIVE DEADLY VENOMS (ensemble of five) = 8.25 out of 10 & ZULU (ensemble) = 8.25 out of 10
  34. ALIENS (ensemble) = 8.2363636 out of 44 (Review)
  35. ZATOICHI series (Shintaro Katsu) = 8.216667 out of 12
  36. MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE (ensemble) = 8.2 out of 13
  37. PULP FICTION (ensemble) = 8.19375 out of 48 (Review)
  38. THE BIG SLEEP (Humphrey Bogart)= 8.1904762 out of 21
  39. SONATINE (Beat Takeshi) = 8.1818182 out of 22
  40. FIST OF LEGEND (Jet Li) = 8.1571429 out of 14
  41. ROLLING THUNDER (William Devane, Tommy Lee Jones) = 8.1538462 out of 13 (Review)
  42. RESERVOIR DOGS (ensemble) = 8.15 out of 46
  43. TIE: THE KILLERS (Lee Marvin) = 8.1166667 out of 12 & BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK (Spencer Tracy) = 8.1166667 out of 12 (Review)
  44. KISS ME DEADLY (Ralph Meeker) = 8.1071429 out of 14
  45. WHEN WE WERE KINGS (Ali) = 8.056 out of 25
  46. OLDBOY (Choi Min-sik) = 8.0302632 out of 38 (Review)
  47. SWEET SWEETBACK’S BADAASSSS SONG (Melvin Van Peebles) = 8 out of 10
  48. THE GODFATHER (ensemble) = 7.9965116 out of 43 (Review)
  49. THE DRIVER (Ryan O’Neal) = 7.9583333 out of 12 (Review
  50. TIE: KNIGHTRIDERS (Ed Harris) = 7.95 out of 10 (Review & WALKING TALL (Joe Don Baker) = 7.95 out of 10 (Review)
  51. GHOST DOG – THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI (Forrest Whitaker) = 7.9175 out of 40 (Review)
  52. PREDATOR (ensemble) = 7.9166667 out of 39 (Review)
  53. SCARFACE (Al Pacino) = 7.9146341 out of 41 (Review)
  54. BROTHER (Takeshi Kitano) = 7.9086957 out of 23 (Review)
  55. BULLET IN THE HEAD (Simon Yam, Toney Leung Chiu-wai) = 7.9076923 out of 13
  56. ZATOICHI (Takeshi Kitano) = 7.9 out of 26 (Review)
  57. PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET (Richard Widmark) = 7.8846154 out of 13
  58. DOLEMITE (R.R. Moore) = 7.875 out of 16
  59. THE GETAWAY (Steve McQueen) = 7.8652174 out of 23 (Review)
  60. SUPERFLY (Ron O’Neal) = 7.8636364 out of 11
  61. THE WAGES OF FEAR (Yves Montand) = 7.8625 out of 12
  62. NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (Robert Mitchum) = 7.8619048 out of 21
  63. THE WARRIORS (ensemble) = 7.8466667 out of 30 (Review)
  64. MAGNUM FORCE (Clint) = 7.8428571 out of 21
  65. PAT GARRETT & BILLY THE KID (James Coburn & Kris Kristofferson) = 7.8416667 out of 12
  66. ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (Kurt Russell) = 7.8297297 out of 37 (Review)
  67. A BETTER TOMORROW 2 (Chow Yun Fat) = 7.8235294 out of 17
  68. THE SEARCHERS (John Wayne) = 7.8157895 out of 19
  69. TAXI DRIVER (Robert Deniro) = 7.8116279 out of 43
  70. GOODFELLAS (ensemble) = 7.8023256 out of 43 (Review)
  71. SHAFT (Richard Roundtree) = 7.7863636 out of 22
  72. LADY SNOWBLOOD (Meiko Kaji) = 7.75 out of 10
  73. THE THING (ensemble) = 7.7 out of 36
  74. STANDER (Tom Jane) = 7.7 out of 17 (Review)
  75. FIRST BLOOD (Sylvester Stallone) = 7.6852941 out of 34 (Review
  76. THE TERMINATOR (Arnold Schwarzenegger) = 7.6695652 out of 46 (Reviewrelated rating: Terminator trilogy (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, others) = 7.5234375 out of 32
  77. FIST OF FURY (Bruce) = 7.6428571 out of 21
  78. THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (Bob Hoskins) = 7.6428571 out of 14
  79. ASSAULT PRECINCT 13 (Darwin Joston) = 7.6304348 out of 23
  80. FIGHT CLUB (ensemble) = 7.6177778 out of 45 (Review)
  81. SEXY BEAST (Gandhi) = 7.5942857 out of 35 (Review)
  82. TIE: BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA (Warren Oates) = 7.5921053 out of 19 (Review & KING OF NEW YORK (Christopher Walken) = 7.5921053 out of 19 (Review)
  83. FRENCH CONNECTION II (Gene Hackman) = 7.5714286 out of 14
  84. RAGING BULL (Robert Deniro) = 7.5666667 out of 36
  85. SPARTAN (Val Kilmer) = 7.5555556 out of 18 (Review)
  86. SCARFACE aka SCARFACE, THE SHAME OF A NATION, 1932 (Paul Muni) = 7.55 out of 10
  87. A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE (Viggo Mortensen) = 7.5447368 out of 38 (Review)
  88. LEON aka THE PROFESSIONAL (Jean Reno) = 7.5391892 out of 37
  89. THEY LIVE (Roddy Piper) = 7.5318182 out of 33 (Review)
  90. TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. (William Petersen, Willem Dafoe) = 7.5230769 out of 13 (Review)
  91. LE CERCLE ROUGE (Alain Delon) = 7.5133846 out of 13 (Review
  92. THE GODFATHER PART 2 (ensemble) = 7.49 out of 40 (Review)
  93. PATTON (George C. Scott) = 7.4842105 out of 19
  94. SIN CITY (Mickey Rourke OR ensemble) = 7.4744186 out of 43 (Review)
  95. IRON MONKEY (Donnie Yen) = 7.4722222 out of 18
  96. MAD MAX (Mel Gibson) = 7.4536585 out of 41
  97. GUN CRAZY (Peggy Cummins) = 7.45 out of 10
  98. PATHS OF GLORY (Kirk Douglas) = 7.4380952 out of 21
  99. THE MALTESE FALCON (Humphrey Bogart) = 7.404 out of 25
  100. THE GREAT ESCAPE (ensemble) = 7.3958333 out of 24
THE WORLD BADASS COMMITTEE // AUSTRALIA: Bono Cudgney, Brendan Sweeney. CANADA: Kevin Laforest, Andrew Miller, Eric Perrier, Michael Zepf. COSTA RICA: Dennis Wasko. DENMARK: Michael Renvillard. FINLAND: Antti Stolt. ISRAEL: Ziv Weiner. ITALY: Federico Casali. NEW ZEALAND: Andrew Llewellyn. OMAN: Vinod Narayanan. UNITED KINGDOM: William Fleming, Shaun Hughes, Simon Maxwell-Stewart, Proper, Jerry Swan, Paul Telfer. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Matt Andrysiak, Matt Brady, Steve Baumgartner, Richard Chang, Brian Darr, Michael Fogus, Bryan Hadley, Jeremy Haney, Timothy Heaney, Laird Jiminez, Laremy Legel, Brandon Parker, Quinten Parker, Paul, V.N. Pryor, Carl M. Stone, Daniel Strange, Bryan Summers, Collin Terrell, Vern, Don Walheim, Jeremiah Wehler, Michael J. Williams, Timmy Williams, David Wolski.


THE DETAILS: My thoughts and some further statistics regarding the 2006 revised Badass 100 list

THE OLD LIST: The original version of the Badass 100 list

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